Welcome to the Web site for U.C. Berkeley's Physics 105, Fall 2006. Email to:
(Prof.) Mark Strovink, strovink at lbl dot gov . I also have a research web page.
(Mr.) Peter Battaglino, pbb at berkeley dot edu .

Archival website from the Fall 2000 version of this course.

Physics (research) links:
Scientist as Detective, Luis Alvarez and the Pyramid Burial Chambers, the JFK Assassination, and the End of the Dinosaurs, a readable account by Charles Wohl of one aspect of Berkeley's 1968 Nobelist.
Swedish Academy of Sciences detailed press release The Nobel Prize in Physics 2006. Advanced information.
Link to What's New, a satirical summary of weekly events in science and science politics by Bob Park of the University of Maryland.
One version of a web portal for physicists, first posted in 1995 by Anton Skorucak (then an undergraduate at McMaster University, Ontario).

Web demos:
Paul Faulstad's math and physics applets illustrate a variety of standard physics phenomena; other math/physics applets are also linked.
Our course:
You are welcome to enroll in Physics 105 if you have received passing grades in Math 53+54 and Physics (H)7ABC (or their equivalents), which are course prerequisites. If not, please do not enroll in 105. If you do not meet the prerequisites and do not disclose that fact at the outset, you may be asked to withdraw from the course even after you have invested considerable effort in it.
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General Information including schedules and rooms.
Course Outline.
Short Course in Classical Mechanics (lecture notes used in Physics 105, Fall 2000, from which readings are assigned in the present course).
Inverted pendulum (rough handwritten lecture notes, week of 27 Nov 06).

Course exercises:
Problem Set 1        Solution to Problem Set 1            
Problem Set 2        Solution to Problem Set 2            
Problem Set 3        Solution to Problem Set 3            
Problem Set 4        Solution to Problem Set 4            
Problem Set 5        Solution to Problem Set 5            
Problem Set 6        Solution to Problem Set 6            
Problem Set 7        Solution to Problem Set 7            
Problem Set 8        Solution to Problem Set 8            
Problem Set 9        Solution to Problem Set 9            
Problem Set 10       Solution to Problem Set 10            
Problem Set 11       Solution to Problem Set 11            
Solution to Peter Battaglino's review problems

Exam 1 Solution to Exam 1 Exam 1 Statistics Exam 2 Solution to Exam 2 Exam 2 Statistics Final Exam Solution to Final Exam Final Exam Statistics

Material from other courses:
Notes on Special Relativity used in Physics 110B, Spring 2007.
Notes on Special Relativity used in Physics H7C, Fall 2002.
Lecture Notes by Prof. L.T. Kerth, Tensor or Component Notation for Vectors, used in Physics 110A (2002).

More physics links:
Swedish Academy of Sciences detailed press release The Nobel Prize in Physics 2005.
108 pages of physics equations, compiled by Johan Wevers, a Dutch graduate student.
A scholarly essay on the couture of particle physics, by Judy Jackson in FermiNews, 3 Sep 99.